One of the first things that I learned when researching what we needed to change after my wife’s cancer diagnosis, was that we were one of the only industrialized nations that didn’t independently test or label GMO’s before allowing them into our food supply.  This effectively makes us all guinea pigs in an ongoing experiment.  When you look at the drastic rise in every major disease, auto immune deficiencies, and allergies since their inception in the mid 1990’s, it’s hard to deny the correlation between the two.  Here is the best 7 minute explanation I have seen about why our family now avoids GMO’s in our diet:

Here’s a parody that covers the dangers of GMO’s in both a funny, and scary way:

Robyn O’Brien is an ex analyst of the food industry and has become our food system’s “Erin Brockovich”.  Her book “The Unhealthy Truth” is a must read for those wanting to learn more about how food has the power to cause illness and allergies:

Mike Adams discusses how GMO foods alter organ function and pose a very real health threat to humans:

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