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Hearing the words “you have cancer” can be the most traumatic experience a person ever experiences in their lives.  I know that it was for our family when we heard them for both my wife and son.  The overwhelming shock leads to a situation where most people will take any advice from the doctor who’s telling them this, as long as they think that it gives them a chance to save their life. 

More and more every day, people are waking up to the fact that the conventional treatments employed by the cancer industry today are sadly lacking when it comes to addressing the root causes of cancer.  What’s worse is that these treatments severely deplete the most important weapon that a cancer patient has when trying to win the fight, their immune system.  Even if they successfully get through treatment initially, this leaves the door open for cancer to reoccur as it does so often in this country as the 5 year survival rates show.

The advice that will be given in conventional cancer treatment will typically involve various forms of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery, and may include all three as it did for my wife, depending on the nature of the cancer.  While a cancer diagnosis can be traumatic, the treatment of it can be even more so.  It’s my contention, and that of many other cancer experts, that the immune suppressing nature of the treatments take more people from us than the cancer itself .

When it comes to conventional cancer care in this country, we have everything backwards. They fight against cancer when the patient really should be fighting for health. They attack tumors with the immune system suppressing strategies mentioned above which is why we see such low success rates. These strategies also temporarily kill or remove cancer cells, but leave cancer stem cells intact which is the reason for such high recurrence rates and future metastasis of cancer cells.

The disease is never the issue; the issue is the environment in the body that caused the disease in the first place, or the root cause(s). Get rid of the disease and it will come back. Change the environment and the disease will never come back unless you allow the environment to once again  become deficient or toxic again. So health is made or lost at the cellular level and that health translates to the entire body. It is also important to note that health on the cellular level is not just made up of physical factors but just as critical if not even more vital for health of the whole being are the mental, emotional and spiritual state of the person.

The good news is that by employing immune strengthening strategies that actually address the root causes of the cancer occurring in the first place vs. only masking symptoms with immune suppressing treatments, the process and the outcome can most certainly change for the positive.  The patient can not only get through treatment with their immune system intact and overcome their situation, but also stay cancer free for the remainder of their lives.  This is done by addressing the root causes and not simply removing a tumor and leaving the door open for it to return if successfully removed due to a suppressed immune system.

Helping my wife and son endure their treatments with strategies that detoxify the body, remove things that introduce new toxins, flood them with nutrients, and introduce non toxic and anti-tumor substances made all of the difference in their outcomes.  It has inspired me to continue to research all of the things outside of conventional treatment that achieve these things, and advocate for anyone who reaches out to me that is going through treatment. 

It’s taken me over two years of continual research to gather this information.  Many times I wish that I knew what I know now when my wife first heard the words “you have cancer”.  As I continued to learn, we continued to employ these new strategies, and still use them today due to mistakes that were made during my wife’s treatment which caused her cancer cells to spread into her lymphatic system.  If it weren’t for these strategies, she would have almost certainly reoccurred by now as is so often seen.  

I have compiled all of my cancer fighting strategies into a short e-book that I provide to all cancer sufferers that reach out to me for a consultation.    I also spend time on the phone and in person with any patients and their loved ones who reach out to me on how to implement these strategies that will drastically improve their outcomes whether or not they decide to pursue conventional treatment.  Learning these strategies can make a world of difference in the patient’s outcome.


Whether to pursue conventional treatment or not is a personal decision that I can’t make a recommendation on, though I have my opinions.  I can however say that getting multiple opinions can sometimes save lives as they did for both my wife and son.  I can also say that if conventional treatment is pursued with a doctor that you feel comfortable with, then adopting the strategies that I share as an adjunct to their treatment(s) are crucial to a successful outcome.  Keeping an intact immune system through detoxification of the body, and flooding it with proper nutrients and things occurring in nature that have been shown to have anti-tumor properties is critical to a positive outcome.

Losing close friends and family members to cancer and having to face the possible mortality of my wife and son has led to the blessing of finding my new passion.  That passion is to give back to as many people as I possibly can by sharing these things that oncologists don’t when it comes to overcoming cancer. 

Talking to patients that we council and hearing the positive stories that they share with us has become the joy of my life.  My favorite thing to hear is when their doctors tell them “I’m not sure what you’re doing, but keep doing it!”, as well as the words “cancer free”.  Oncologists aren’t used to seeing patients who endure their treatment methods responding as favorably as the people who elect to implement the strategies that we share.

Please share this page with anyone that you know and love that is facing cancer and have them reach out to me on the contact page of this site with their name, diagnosis, email and phone number to be contacted at or call me toll free at the number below.  We will spend time with them on the phone or in person to answer any questions that they may have and send them our e-book  .  At the end of the day, HOPE is a critical part of the equation when it comes to a successful outcome, and that’s what we’re all about here at True Wellness Knowledge.

To Your Health


Marty Loughlin

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