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Sometimes, a person or family has to endure a painful situation before they can truly realize what their purpose in life is.  Our family has endured that pain and lived to tell about it.  Now our mission is to “make our mess our message”, and to positively impact the health of as many people as possible as a result.  So what is our story?  This short documentary that was recently produced about our family’s journey does a great job of summing that up:

In October of 2012, my wife Deb was diagnosed with an aggressively growing stage 3 tumor in her breast.  This began a journey that spanned over a year of treatment comprised of multiple surgeries and hospital stays, 16 rounds of chemotherapy and radiation.  When you hear the words “you have cancer”, for the first time, fear immediately takes over and your first response is, “what do we do”?   While we decided to go ahead with the treatments, I knew that we had to do everything that we could on our end to improve Deb’s chances.

Deb Marty and Kyle

This started me on a quest to learn about everything that contributes to disease, boosts one’s immune system, and improves one chances of enduring the harsh realities of cancer treatment in this country.  This was the motivation for True Wellness Knowledge.  As I was learning about all of the things that are allowed into our food supply, the products that we use, our air, our drinking water supply and more, I knew that I couldn’t just make the changes for ourselves.  This information needed to be shared, and not just with family members and friends.  I share all about the changes that we’ve made to anyone that provides their email info, and continue to update people with new information through my blog.

Half way through Deb’s battle, mistakes were made during treatment which led to her cancer cells spreading into her lymph channels.  There really aren’t words to describe the shock of learning this after finding out that your wife’s cancer “had spread”.  When our oncologist admitted that she had never seen this before, we knew that it was time to seek second opinions to improve her chances of a positive outcome.  Before we could do that, we were blindsided by a diagnosis of a glioma (brain tumor) in our youngest son Kyle.


Needless to say, this led to us leaning on our faith more than ever and a complete surrender.  There were also many prayers for wisdom and discernment when it came to decisions that had to be made.  It led to us seeking multiple opinions for my wife that we believe led to her life being saved.  As we were going through this process which included a life saving surgery and radiation for her, we learned that Kyle’s tumor was inoperable, and that chemotherapy would be necessary over a 48 week period.  Kyle initially faced this bravely, continuing to attend school and even being one of the captains on his high school soccer team, but eventually the treatments began to deteriorate his condition.  It eventually led to him catching pnemonia, having a 105 degree fever, and being admitted to the hospital at 86 pounds.


Kyle 1

I could see Kyle slipping away from us.  After we were able to get the fever down, the doctors insisted that we get back on track with his chemo treatments the day after Christmas.  Something in my gut told me that if we listened to the doctor’s advice, that this would be the last Christmas that we would spend with him.  I called to let them know that we wouldn’t be there.  We called Mayo Clinic and were able to immediately get him on their schedule and thereby stop his chemo schedule indefinitely.  The surgeons at Mayo were optimistic that the majority of the tumor could be removed, and that it had to be done immediately due to blockage being caused by a growing cyst on his tumor.  There is no telling how long he would have lasted had we continued with the chemo, but the potential outcome was grim. 


The surgery successfully removed nearly all of the tumor, but it also cost him a portion of his vision in both his right and left eyes.  He can only see what’s on his left side now and not his right.  After his surgery, we continued to use alternative protocols that we talk about regularly at this site, and have seen him bounce back to the healthiest he’s ever been after chemotherapy and surgery.  We continue to adjust to Kyle’s “new normal” with his vision, but he is still here with us which we are truly grateful for.


So where do we go from here?  Our new passion that gets us out of bed every day is to “make our mess our message” and to have a positive health impact on as many lives as we can.  The preferable method is to obviously help people avoid having to face what we did by incorporating preventative measures into their lives.  Our country has reached a crisis level when it comes to the amount of illness and disease that we’re facing and the costs associated with them.  The great news is that the vast majority of the health issues that we face are completely within our control and preventable if we just have the knowledge on how to go about it.  Our goal is to share resources with that information so that you can proactively take control of your own health and wellness instead of re-actively leaving it in the hands of doctors.

Sadly, our country has been losing the war on cancer and other deadly diseases for years now.  It appears that we’re preoccupied with “managing” the disease vs. curing it based on how we practice medicine.  The human body has an amazing capacity to heal given the right things to help it do so.  While there is a place for allopathic medicine in some instances, we need to focus on what’s within our control as our family did during our trials.  Our second goal is to act as an advocate to those who are open to using the two most powerful weapons that they have when it comes to beating cancer and other diseases, information and an open mind.

Thank you for letting us share our information and what we’ve learned in the hopes of benefiting your health.  At True Wellness Knowledge, your wellness is our passion!

Us celebrating Kyle's recovery

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