Don’t Wait For a Cure for Cancer, Know and Avoid the Causes

Dec 09

For years, a well meaning public in this country who has continued to lose their friends and loved ones to cancer has been tricked by the industry into donating, walking, praying, buying pink, and most recently dumping ice buckets on themselves to find a cure.  All the while, we’ve been distracted from ever asking ourselves what could be the root causes behind the massive increases in cancer that we have faced in recent years. Rather than sitting back and waiting for a magic bullet that will seemingly never come, now more than ever, our country needs to shift our discussion to the causes.  When you know the causes, you know the cure.  If you believe the cancer industry and the pharmaceutical companies are on your side, remember this, us staying sick is what keeps them in business and keeps the pharmaceutical companies profiting.  If you doubt this, then watch the segment that 60 minutes recently ran on the cost of cancer drugs here. Since Richard Nixon declared war on cancer as a nation in 1971 and vowed to find a cure for it, we’ve seen the expectancy rates of getting cancer in one’s lifetime jump from 1 in 10 to 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women.  Our “war on cancer” couldn’t be more of a dismal failure.  As we entered the 1960’s we challenged ourselves as a nation to reach the moon within a decade and succeeded.  Here we are 4 decades after declaring war on cancer and these are the results.  All because we have been tricked by the industry into focusing on a cure instead of questioning what has changed since then. I won’t focus on crossing my fingers that the research will find that magic cure that will seemingly never come.  What I will do though is to shed some light on what has changed since we planted our flag against cancer in 1971 and the undeniable link between those changes and the rate of cancer we have seen.  Again, if you know the causes, then you know the cure.  So what has changed since then? Quite simply, our food has.  In this blog, I will cover the two things that add up...

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