The Steps Our Family Takes To Minimize Our Cancer Risk

Nov 12



I for one have grown tired of the cancer industry’s never ending search for the cure. Waiting for them to find a cure that seemingly will never come puts control into their hands, and meanwhile, the cancer rates in our country continue to skyrocket out of control. The cure to cancer IS THE CAUSE. What do I mean by that? If you know the causes and remove/avoid them, then you can cure yourself or better yet, avoid it in the first place!

If you doubt that the cancer dilemma we face in our country is environmental vs. genetic, then look at the statistics over the last 100 years. Cancer was nearly unheard of 100 years ago, 1 in 10 got it in 1971 when Nixon declared war on cancer, and now 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women are projected to get it in their lifetimes. This is because 90-95% of cancers in this country are environmental vs. genetic as the industry would have you believe. We’re doing this to ourselves through a variety of toxic situations that we’ve created. We’ve become conditioned in this country that we’re supposed to just wait our turn to learn that we’ve gotten cancer and then run to the industry to be helped.

I for one am not okay with that. After my wife’s battle with breast cancer and my son facing and overcoming a brain tumor a year later, I’ve made it my mission to learn the CAUSES of cancer and to remove them so that we never revisit this ugly chapter in our lives again. We’ve implemented simple strategies that I’ll share with you that are our new ‘insurance’ to ensure that we don’t. Here they are in a nutshell.

The first strategy to stopping cancer before it starts is to detoxify the body. Most people’s bodies are highly toxic from a wide variety of sources which I’ll share in the next step. It’s important to realize that cancer doesn’t make you sick, the toxic buildup from our environment makes us sick, which leads to cancer. The majority of cancers are linked to a toxic buildup that our bodies simply can’t clean up or keep up with any more.

There are a number of ways that you can address this whether it be doing cleanses on a consistent basis, taking detox baths, and a variety of other ways, but most people don’t have the time or the willpower to do this consistently. There is however something that you can easily do daily that can ensure that your body stays ahead of the toxic buildup at the cellular level that leads to cancer.

Our family has turned to Fulvic Acid as our answer to this. We’ve done so for two reasons. First, it is probably the most potent detoxifier I’ve found, and second, it’s easy to incorporate. Simply putting 5-7 drops of this amazing liquid into a glass of water in the morning and drinking it down does three amazing things in the body.

First, it seeks out all of the toxins from things like heavy metals, pesticides, and a number of other sources at the cellular level, and breaks it down into organic matter. These toxins clogging up our cells rob our body of the ability to absorb nutrients, which eventually leads to a variety of diseases.

Second, it turns the bad guys known as free radicals into healthy cells. Healthy cells have eight electrons while free radicals only have seven. Fulvic Acid can donate electrons to these free radicals which turns them back into healthy cells.

Third, Fulvic acid delivers essential minerals and amino acids that our bodies require to function properly. Years ago, we got these from our crops and food supply through the soil, but our recent farming practices have depleted them into near non-existence. Since we no longer get these essential minerals and amino acids from our food, we need to supplement them.

But be careful, not all Fulvic Acids are created equally! I’ve researched all of them and the most beneficial option that I’ve found can be found here and searching “Fulvic Acid” under products. I’ve also provided a link at the bottom of this blog to “The Fulvic Acid Report” which shares an in depth look at exactly how it works in the body and why it’s so beneficial to us.

The second strategy to keep cancer away is to minimize exposure to toxins through a variety of sources that we are exposed to in our everyday lives. I have developed something that I call my “Wheel of Wellness” that addresses each of these areas that have to do with our food, the products that we use, invisible toxins in our environment, stress, and toxic thoughts that can lead to a buildup of toxins in our bodies. By knowing the sources of these toxins and how to avoid them, YOU have control over cancer and not the other way around. Remember, THE CAUSE IS THE CURE.

There is too much material in each of the six spokes of my “Wheel of Wellness” to cover in this post, but if you haven’t already, I would subscribe to the website, and you will get a series of emails that will outline every spoke for you in detail. It will empower you to take control when it comes to avoiding these toxins by making proactive decisions on the foods that you buy, the products that you use and other potential sources. If you’ve already subscribed and no longer have these emails and would like to read them again, simply reach out on the contact page and I’ll send all of them to you to read again.

The third strategy is to give the body something that it needs every day to function properly. That’s organically grown fruits and vegetables. Science has recently discovered that there are thousands of what’s called phytonutrients in fruits and and vegetables, and our bodies were designed for them. Here’s a graphic that shows only 400 of the more than 1000 nutrients found in an apple compared to a multi-vitamin which offers almost no nutritional benefit:


This concept is the same in all fruits and vegetables. It’s recommended that we eat 9-13 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. There are several problems with this. First, nobody that I know eats 9-13 servings per day! I consider myself to be very health conscious and eat fruits and vegetables daily, but could never reach that amount. Second, our produce isn’t what it used to be. Studies show that we’ve lost the majority of the nutritional value that was in our produce 50 years ago due to our farming practices that incorporate increasing amounts of pesticides and depleted trace minerals in our soil. Third, it’s extremely difficult to eat the right mixture or variety that would be optimal for our health.

Our bodies need the potent antioxidants that can be found in organically grown fruits and vegetables to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation which are the foundation to all disease including cancer. So how does our family ensure that we’re doing this every day given these challenges?

We’ve made it simple by bridging the gap with Juice Plus. Juice Plus makes it EASY for our family to get the phytonutrients that we all need from 30 different organically grown fruits, vegetables, berries and grains in a convenient capsule or gummy. The best part is that their children’s study offers it to children FOR FREE so our boys are covered. It’s the simplest way that we’ve found to incorporate what our bodies need with the busy lifestyles that we all lead today.

juice plus

You can learn more here about why we’re such big believers in Juice Plus when it comes to prevention. If you reach out to me on Facebook, we can also invite you to one of our weekly presentations that my wife and her friend do on Facebook every Sunday evening. Juice Plus was a critical part of her cancer journey as well as my son’s, and it’s something that we’ll take for a lifetime.

Implementing these three simple strategies has helped our family feel confident that we’re doing what we can to protect us from cancer. Incorporating these strategies can help to detoxify the body, avoid new toxins from coming in, and give the body what it needs to function optimally. When we do that, we strengthen our immune system and allow our bodies to do what they were designed to do, heal themselves naturally and maintain a state of balance!

Please keep in mind that these are preventative strategies that we use when it comes to avoiding cancer. We also employ additional protocols such as the one I’ve written about here for my wife Deb to ensure that the cancer cells that migrated to her lymphatic channels during her treatment don’t ever become tumors in the body.

Having to face what I did with my wife and son has helped me find my new purpose in life, which is to advocate for people facing cancer. We have seen some remarkable things happen already during the treatment plans of the people we work with, and getting good news from people that we council is the most amazing blessing.

I share these additional protocols to help them with detoxifying their bodies, enhancing their immune systems, and incorporating strategies that have been shown to have anti-tumor properties that are outlined in my e-book. If you know of anyone facing cancer that wants to maximize their chances for a positive outcome whether or not they are employing conventional therapies, please reach out to me at this site and provide their contact info, and I’ll be happy to provide a copy to them free of charge and talk with them if they have questions.  Also, please click the “share” buttons to spread the word and make a difference!


Click here to view the Fulvic Acid Report.

To your health!

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