Stressed out? Learn A Probable Cause And What You Can Do.

Nov 18

Have any stress in your life?  That’s a loaded question since we all do!  It’s just a matter of to what degree.  I’m hearing more and more people saying that their lives are becoming more stressful lately, and I want to tackle what may be a major contributing factor for many people.  That potential cause could be a dramatic rise in EMF’s or electro magnetic frequencies that we are bombarded with on a daily basis.  Never heard of them?  Most people haven’t. Okay, so what are EMF’s?  They are invisible radio waves that bombard us throughout our day that can throw our bodies out of balance and thereby lead to stress in our lives.  What are the sources?  The main culprits are cell phones and the cell towers that they communicate with, laptops and tablets and the wifi  that they connect to, satellite dishes, electrical wires and many more.  We are surrounded by a potentially toxic soup of wavelengths that negatively affect us throughout our day. How and why does this happen?  The field of quantum physics has recently discovered that at the sub atomic level, our bodies all resonate at a certain frequency.  This is called the Schumman Resonance, and it explains that when our bodies are in balance, they will resonate at the frequency of 7.83 Hz, just as the earth should.  With the continual introduction of more sources of varying frequencies in our world, this delicate balance becomes more disturbed.  This has the power to negatively impact animals that rely on this frequency to do things like migrate, as well as humans in our everyday lives.  The result can lead to elevated stress, foggy thinking, headaches and worse in some people who are more sensitive to these effects. Doctors are now also beginning to link extended use of cell phones to brain tumors and cancer.  When I learned this, it definitely got my attention after what my family has had to face recently.   So what did we do about it?  I came to find that there is technology available that can protect one’s biofield or the area surrounding the body from the toxic soup of frequencies being given off.  That technology is SRT or Sympathetic Resonance...

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The Steps Our Family Takes To Minimize Our Cancer Risk

Nov 12

  I for one have grown tired of the cancer industry’s never ending search for the cure. Waiting for them to find a cure that seemingly will never come puts control into their hands, and meanwhile, the cancer rates in our country continue to skyrocket out of control. The cure to cancer IS THE CAUSE. What do I mean by that? If you know the causes and remove/avoid them, then you can cure yourself or better yet, avoid it in the first place! If you doubt that the cancer dilemma we face in our country is environmental vs. genetic, then look at the statistics over the last 100 years. Cancer was nearly unheard of 100 years ago, 1 in 10 got it in 1971 when Nixon declared war on cancer, and now 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women are projected to get it in their lifetimes. This is because 90-95% of cancers in this country are environmental vs. genetic as the industry would have you believe. We’re doing this to ourselves through a variety of toxic situations that we’ve created. We’ve become conditioned in this country that we’re supposed to just wait our turn to learn that we’ve gotten cancer and then run to the industry to be helped. I for one am not okay with that. After my wife’s battle with breast cancer and my son facing and overcoming a brain tumor a year later, I’ve made it my mission to learn the CAUSES of cancer and to remove them so that we never revisit this ugly chapter in our lives again. We’ve implemented simple strategies that I’ll share with you that are our new ‘insurance’ to ensure that we don’t. Here they are in a nutshell. The first strategy to stopping cancer before it starts is to detoxify the body. Most people’s bodies are highly toxic from a wide variety of sources which I’ll share in the next step. It’s important to realize that cancer doesn’t make you sick, the toxic buildup from our environment makes us sick, which leads to cancer. The majority of cancers are linked to a toxic buildup that our bodies simply can’t clean up or keep up with any...

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