Take the Guesswork Out Of What to Keep Out of Your Shopping Cart

Oct 29

One of the most common questions that I get from my readers is how to EASILY know what to avoid when it comes to what to put in their shopping cart for their families.  The reality is that the food industry purposely makes it very difficult for us to be educated consumers.  After all, how are they supposed to constantly increase profit margins by continually adding less expensive, sub standard ingredients into our food supply if we are educated on what to look for? If you stop to analyze ingredients lists on the processed foods that we are sold in the average grocery store, it can sometimes seem that we’re reading something out of a science experiment.  If it sounds like a science experiment, then it’s most likely going to be just that inside of our bodies, an EXPERIMENT.  These experiments that the food industry conducts on an unsuspecting public are having harsh consequences when it comes to illness and disease in our country.  Things like cancer, heart disease, diabetes, food allergies, digestive issues, and many others are all on the rise, and our health care industry stands by completely oblivious to the role that food plays in this trend, and welcomes us with open arms. This website is about sharing TOOLS to make it easier for people with busy lives to make educated decisions on how to stay healthy.  Nobody will do it for us, so we must take matters into our own hands and send the food industry a message that we won’t stand for their harmful ingredients in our food any longer.  The only way that we can do that is by getting informed and voting with our dollars every time we shop.  This is the only language that these companies understand. So how can we do that?  I’m going to recommend an easy tool that takes the guesswork out of whether the products that you find in your kitchen are either building up your immune system, or tearing it down.  That simple tool is Environmental Working Group’s “Food Scores” site: This site allows you to simply enter the product in question into the search bar to see exactly what score it gets from 1 (best)...

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