The Media Working With Monsanto To Keep Us In The Dark

Jun 12

What would you say if I told you that powerful entities were working behind the scenes to deny their citizens the right to know about facts that could lead to getting a disease and possibly dying?  You would say that I must be talking about someplace like a communist country or dictatorship someplace else in the world, right?  Well, unfortunately, we’re talking about this happening right here in the good old US of A.  And it’s leading to cancer numbers that are skyrocketing in our country. As many of my readers know, I’m not here to hold back the truth when it comes to what really causes disease in our country after having to come face to face with breast cancer and a brain tumor in my family within one year.  Sometimes I feel like I need to shake things up if people are going to start paying attention.  Well if the 10 minute video shared in this post doesn’t demonstrate that it’s completely up to you to do your homework on the food supply in our country, and how it’s leading to the spike we’re seeing in diseases, then I don’t know what will. The fact that things like Posilac, otherwise known as RBGH can make it’s way into something as widely consumed as milk in our nation, then be lied about, and then censored when a news team actually finds out the truth about it, should scare you.  Well that’s exactly what happened, and it doesn’t just happen with things like Posilac.  You can say the same thing happens with things like aspartame, GMO corn and soy, and on and on.  The fact is that corporations like Monsanto stand to lose everything if we find out about what’s really in our food supply, and they’ll do ANYTHING to keep you from learning about it. They have demonstrated this time and again by doing things like getting the “Monsanto Protection Act” passed into law by burying it in legislation that has nothing to do with it, or by spending millions to run misleading ads against bills that would offer labeling that shares what’s in our food supply.  Well how about killing stories before they can make it on...

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