Break The Drug Cycle With Safe, Natural Treatments

May 21

  When it comes to resolving medical concerns PRIOR to Deb and Kyle’s diagnosis’, we were pretty much like the typical family.  Have a scratchy throat that won’t go away? Go to the doctor.  Feel an infection coming on?  Get some antibiotics.  Cholesterol getting high?  Take the prescription meds that your doctor prescribes you.  Suffering from digestive problems?  Take another prescription that the doctor prescribes.  Child can’t stay still and focus in class?  Write a prescription for the latest ADHD med.  And the list goes on and on.  The unfortunate reality in our country today is that our collective health has been on the steady decline for years, and more and more prescriptions are being written to remedy the situation, many with harmful side effects as you hear mentioned on those oh so prevalent commercials these days.  If you need proof, consider that we make up 5% of the world’s population and take over 50% of it’s drugs!  A sad statement to say the least.   What we need to realize is that many of the same things that we face today have been experienced and treated by people successfully for thousands of years using homeopathic remedies.  As many of you reading already know, I started this website to focus on what CAUSES  illness and disease in the first place, not to focus on profitable treatments that the medical industry would prescribe in the event that you fall ill.  In a nutshell, the more that you can avoid toxins from a variety of sources, and the higher that you can build your immunity through healthy food and the right supplements, the less chance you have of facing some of the things mentioned above in the first place.   Our family has chosen to become PROACTIVE when it comes to our health by sharing the strategies that we do on this site.  But even the healthiest among us will run into illnesses or disease from time to time.  When that is the case for our family, we now try to always find a homeopathic solution FIRST before resorting to traditional means.   I would like to share with you five different strategies that we’ve implemented in doing so.   The first strategy...

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A Video All Parents Should Watch

May 12

For the sake of your children and their health, this could be one of the most important videos that any parent could watch: The best thing that can be said after watching that video is that the food that we choose to eat can either hurt us, or sustain us.  Seeing how it effects the youngest among us in particular strikes a chord with me.  After having spent months going in and out pediatric oncology clinics with my son both here in Chicago and at Mayo Clinic, it’s become a passion of mine to educate parents on just how harmful our food in this country can be.  It should not be taken lightly how all manner of foods can impact the health of our children. While I won’t go into all of the foods that we should be avoiding and incorporating in this blog, I would suggest that you opt in to this site if you haven’t already, and you’ll receive a series of emails that focuses on the six areas that my family has changed when it comes to protecting our health after facing cancer and a brain tumor  within one year.  Food is a huge part of the equation.  Another suggestion I’ll make is to go see the movie “Fed Up” that is in limited release now, but should be going nationwide soon.  It will give you an eye opening look at what we’re up against as a nation when it comes to keeping our kids healthy. Another way to stay informed as to how to eat healthy and what to avoid is by following us at our True Wellness Knowledge Facebook fan page.   And lastly, while we’re never going to be able to avoid all of the pitfalls associated with our food system in this country, there is a way to protect our Children’s immune systems, and that’s with Juice Plus.  The best part is, children are FREE with every paying adult.  It’s the way we ensure that our boys stay healthy despite an imperfect food system.  Click the link on the side to learn more, or reach out to us on the contact page.  Our goal is to help turn this situation around that we...

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