Oct 24

My tip for the day is to “Be in the world, but not of it.” What exactly does that mean?  I’ll give you an example.  Earlier this year during spring, my wife was in the toughest part of her journey with battling breast cancer.  She had spent the winter bravely taking on chemotherapy and had gotten up to go to the Y with me every day to walk throughout it.  It wasn’t easy some days, but she forced herself anyway.  Now that Spring had come, we decided to head outdoors for our walks and to show our gratitude for the wonderful things that nature has to offer.  After spending a winter walking in circles around a track, being able to soak up the sun and listen to the birds was a welcome change. It was around this time that I decided to take a break from T.V. as many people do when summer comes.  With the longer days and beautiful weather, we tend to head outdoors and the T.V. takes on less of an influence in our lives.  Well I decided that it would have zero influence in mine.  The “main stream” media had really begun to effect me like listening to nails down a chalkboard lately, and I just wanted to remove that influence now that the weather had changed.  A funny thing happened the longer I was away from that rectangular propaganda machine.  I began to feel less and less stress in my life.  I had begun to realize that the media, the commercials, and television in general had been the source of a good deal of the stress in my life and I had never realized it. Well, the weather has changed recently, and we’ve been forced back indoors to the Y to get our daily exercise again.  This morning, my wife and I camped out on our elipticals, and I stared up at the T.V. screens in front of me for the 25 minutes I was spinning away.  I was a captive audience.  After being away from the influence of the news media for months, I could feel that familiar angst that I felt when Fox news was blaring in the background.  I couldn’t wait...

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My "WHY"

Oct 12

In this post, I wanted to take a minute to share WHY I’m committed to sharing this blog, and taking it to the “next level” when it comes to exposure.  As those of you who read it know, my family’s life was changed forever, first with my wife Debbie’s breast cancer diagnosis last year, and then this year with my son Kyle’s brain tumor diagnosis this year.  These life changing events forced me to turn my back on “Corporate America” to become a full time caretaker, family manager and researcher.  This research was for the sole purpose of finding ways to protect the health of my loved ones throughout their journeys to recovery.  That journey is an ongoing one. As I continued to spend long nights researching everything that could be useful in this fight, it occured to me that keeping what I learned to myself would be a disservice to everyone that I knew, and well beyond that.  From that vision, “True Food Knowledge” was born. Unfortunately, we live in a society that doesn’t do us any favors when it comes to protecting us from the things that my family has had to face, and that has become increasingly evident in recent years.  An organization like the FDA which most people believe is there to protect them does the exact opposite.  They protect the interests of major corporations and the profits that they stand to lose if our true health interests are served.   They protect organizations like the pharmaceutical giants and the AMA that promises to “First, do no harm” to their patients, yet they constantly elect to perform surgery when its often not needed, and prescribe drugs with harmful side effects which are intended to be taken for life.  The variety of treatments that we have as options in this country for the illnesses that we face result in more deaths annually than the symptoms themselves. Then there’s the major food companies.  While one would think that the FDA would regulate what makes its way into our food supply to protect us, the exact opposite happens here as well.  The FDA is nothing but a revolving door for people who have spent their time with big...

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