Jan 30

With the new year, I’ve made it a goal to do whatever I can to make myself and my family more healthy through gaining knowledge about food and the nutrients that are offered (and robbed) by the various choices in our super markets today.  This didn’t just happen by accident.  I have had two life changing incidents take place with my family members that has shaped me, and motivated me to achieve optimal nutrition for my family going forward.  My goal is to not only do that, but to share as much information as possible with as large an audience as possible to have a positive impact on people’s health in this country. First, our family spent YEARS trying to figure out problems that we were seeing with our second son Kyle.  Kyle had severe reflux from the time he was born, and as he got older, he was able to begin using his words to inform us of his migraine like headaches and fatigue that he experienced on a regular basis.  We started with our pediatrician, and from there progressed to a pediatric gastroendocrinologist, two ENT doctors (one of which who took out his tonsils and adenoids), an immunologist, a nutritionist, two neurologists, and the list goes on.  At different times, we heard that he was possibly having strokes, had lymphoma, had epilepsy, had a condition known as CIPD, and other a variety of other ailments. After years on the merry go round, we finally found a holistic doctor / chiropractor (Dr. Fred Ratio out of Downers Grove, IL) that found the root source of the problem.  It turns out that the ingredients in our everyday foods that we were unknowingly feeding our son was the culprit.  Kyle had developed a food sensitivity with the symptoms of celiac disease.  Now that we knew this, and the types of foods that affected him, we could properly prescribe a treatment plan going forward.  Kyle required a gluten free diet, as well as the complete removal of dairy and sugar.  While most kids would rebel at the thought of removing so many staple foods from their diet, Kyle was remarkably accepting of the concept.  I think he realized that this may...

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